Minutes & Agendas

2018 - 2019 Permit Year 6 (Permit Cycle 2013-2018)*
  • Typical permit cycle is five years, but due to delays in approval of statewide General Permit by Maine DEP, they have deemed this year to be Permit Year 6 of the previous (2013 to 2018) General Permit.

April 2019 BASWG Agenda
March 2019 - No BASWG Meeting
February 2019 BASWG Agenda
January 2019 BASWG Agenda
December 2018 BASWG Meeting CANCELLED
November 2018 BASWG Agenda
October 2018 BASWG Agenda
October 2018 BASWG Minutes
September 2018 BASWG Agenda
August 2018 BASWG Agenda
No July Meeting
No July Meeting

2013 - 2014 Permit Year 1 (Permit Cycle 2013-2018)

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