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Media Library

BASWG has developed a media library as part of our education and outreach program, bringing a recognizable face to stormwater pollution. You may have seen the videos at events like the Maine Science Festival or the Children’s Water Festival. Feel free to share!

Stormwater Runoff Express Animation

Stormwater pollution gets a free ride on the Stormwater Runoff Express to local waters where they lower water quality.  Common things such as pet waste, oil leaks, misplaced fertilizers, and pesticides are easily washed away in stormwater runoff.  When the polluted water enters storm drains, it is carried directly to our rivers, streams, and lakes.  The pollution negatively affects our local water bodies by harming plants and animals.  Watch the video to learn what you can do to keep the pollution from getting on the Stormwater Runoff Express!

Whiteboard Video

There are many ways that an average resident can reduce their impact on local waterbodies.  This video illustrates how stormwater becomes polluted by common activities and how best practices can help to minimize pollution in stormwater.  Watch the video to learn what you can do to help!

Watershed Model Demonstration

Sometimes, it’s easier to watch than listen. In this video, we discuss how stormwater pollution happens and show its effects with a physical watershed model. The model demonstration starts at 2:03 if you want to skip to the action!

Snow and Salt

In the spring of 2022, we created a series of videos about winter stormwater management and chloride use, including tips for home snow and ice removal, salt safety for pets, and a behind-the-scenes look at how local towns help keep the roads safe. Check them out below!

Did you know that it’s more effective to salt your driveway before the storm comes? Here’s how it works.
Did you know that it takes less salt than you may think to treat your driveway? Here’s how much you really need.

Have you ever seen a plow truck up close? Here’s how municipalities use advanced technology to keep snow and ice off the roads.

Part 2 – a closer look at the salt spreaders on the plow trucks used by the Town of Orono!

Pet paws are sensitive— that’s why it’s so important to find the right materials for your driveway.

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