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What is Stormwater?

Stormwater is rain and snow melt that could carry
pollutants into our local waterways and lakes.

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Why Stormwater Matters

Stormwater can carry harmful pollutants into our storm drains where they can end up in the water we drink, swim in, boat on, and enjoy.

  • Soap Suds
  • Pet Droppings
  • Fertilizers
  • Engine Oil & Coolants
  • Garbage
  • Ice Melting Chemicals

Have you seen us?

  • Community Cleanup Events

    Every year, BASWG hosts stormwater cleanup events throughout each of our local communities. Working together with teams of volunteers, we collected over 230 bags of trash this year!

  • Science Festivals and Conventions

    BASWG is a regular attendee of the Maine Science Festival and the Northern Maine Children's Water Festival. Each year, we bring environmental science to the next generation with interactive displays!

  • Bus Wrap

    BASWG created a bus wrap to be displayed on community buses in and around Bangor. The bus educates about stormwater pollution, featuring characters from our educational videos.

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  • Maine Discovery Museum

    BASWG had an ongoing presence in the Maine Discovery museum for most of 2018, offering a space for families to learn more about watersheds and environmental conservation.


The Bangor Area Stormwater Group (BASWG) uses public education and sound science to improve regional water quality through collaborative stormwater management in the Greater Bangor Urbanized Areas.

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